Chapter 1.3 - Breadboarding basics-Circuit Diagram

Breadboarding Basics, Circuit Diagram
Circuit Diagram of 8051 on breadboard basic power stage

To understand the connection more efficiently, we have made a circuit diagram showing the connections made on the breadboard which you will find in the next Chapter. We recommend you to open the circuit diagram and the practical tutorial in the alternate windows to check the connections of the breadboard. Now, as you can seen in the figure, 7805 regulator is being powered from x1 and x2 which are +ve and -ve respectively. C1 is a 1000uf capacitor which acts as a power conserve source for the whole circuit. Further , we have connected a 100uf capacitor which is followed by two 10 uf capacitors respectively on the both the sides of the breadboard. Now as we have covered the theoretical portion, now gear your materials and move up to the next practical tutorial...Its show time :)

Unknown is a medium for hobbyist and enthusiasts to learn 8051 microcontroller from scratch on bread board.

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