Chapter 2.1 - Breadboard Microcontroller 8051 Mounting and Led Blinking-Description

As seen in the Chapter 1 we have seen that how to power up a breadboard. We have learned that we have used 7805 regulator Ic to convert the 9v into 5v the basic reason behind is that our microcontroller works on +5V DC voltage. If the voltage exceeds, there are chances that microcontroller will get damage. The overall Chapter 2 focuses on making you comfortable with the breadboard and the micrcontroller. We have no need to use extra programmer if you are using microcontroller like p89v51rd2 else you need to purchase programmer for microcontroller like AT89s52. We are assuming that you know about these micrcontroller. But still we will provide you with some study material to understand all the features etc of this particular controller which we are using. 

In this chapter we are going to mount the microcontroller on the breadboard and attach a single led to the microcontroller and program the microcontroller. The Led will blink with roughly 1 second of delay. Just gear up and lets begin :)

Unknown is a medium for hobbyist and enthusiasts to learn 8051 microcontroller from scratch on bread board.

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