Chapter 1.0 - Breadboarding basics-Theory

To begin with the basics of breadboarding you need to understand some basic concepts. Since we will be using breadboard through out the practical session, it is important to understand how breadboard works. Thank fully, some people have already put a good videos and content on how a breadboard works. We recommend you the following videos and links to visit before moving further. Make sure you go through it and then you can start up with the further step.

Here is the Video about working of breadboard :

Here are the sample images of how breadboard looks externally and internally:
Image source :
Breadboard Front Side Image
BreadBoard Front Side Image

Breadboard Back Side Image
BreadBoard Back Side Image

Also here is the article to get more details about breadboard :

Unknown is a medium for hobbyist and enthusiasts to learn 8051 microcontroller from scratch on bread board.

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