Chapter 3.0 - 8051 On Breadboard with Multiple Led Blinking-Theory

In the earlier chapter we have now successfully implemented bread board power stage. And in the further chapter, we have mounted 8051 microcontroller with the breadboard and successfully wrote a program to blink the led. Now its time to move further and get to the next level of blinking led program. There are some basics concepts you need to learn before beginning.

Hexadecimal to binary conversion

HexaDecimal to Binary Conversion Chart
You Must be confused that why do we need this conversion. Let we make it clear. Since we are going to operate multiple LED at a time. In previous chapter we saw that we can control the led by using single bit 1 or 0. But here we are going to operate 8 LED at a time using hex value. For ex. lets say you want to give logic 1 to all the LED. Then to operate single LED you will write P1.0=1 and for operating multiple LED you will write P1=0xFF; since FF stands for 11111111 will be forwarded to Port 1. We think this is enough for understanding this whole concept of conversion. You can refer the above chart for conversion. Lets begin with the next sub chapter.

Unknown is a medium for hobbyist and enthusiasts to learn 8051 microcontroller from scratch on bread board.

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