Chapter 5.0 - Interfacing LM324 Comparator IC with LDR(Light Depended Resistor) Sensor on Bread Board - Theory

Welcome to the Theory section of the Chapter 5. We know that most of you people skip the theory and description section of all the chapters but let me tell you, These two sub chapters are written to make your concepts clear or altleast make you familiar with the concepts which are required to finish this chapter off. Don't be a lazy bum :) . Here are the basic concepts which you need to learn first. Just go through the following videos and we will then begin with the next Sub Chapter:

1. What is LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) and working principle

2.  Potential Divider Circuits and Working

Unknown is a medium for hobbyist and enthusiasts to learn 8051 microcontroller from scratch on bread board.

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