Chapter 8.1 - Making a Line Following Robot (LFR) with 8051 Microcontroller on Breadboard - Description

Now, Lets understand what we are going to do. In this chapter we are going to implement all the concepts which we have learned earlier in the previous chapters. Yes, we are going to use scratch code from L293D motor interfacing, Lm324 Comparator IC and Microcontroller. We will be using an IR kit for making the Line follower robot. Now, don't panic you can get the IR kit from any online store, also we are providing a circuit diagram of the kit if you want to make it yourself by manually soldering it on hard PCB. In the previous chapter, we have already made a breadboard connection in which we had made some connections with the LM324 IC, if you have skipped that part, please refer the practical tutorial of previous Chapter for breadboard connection. Once done, jump to the next sub chapter and gather the components.

Unknown is a medium for hobbyist and enthusiasts to learn 8051 microcontroller from scratch on bread board.

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